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Drilling,Completion and Related Services

1. Comprehensive evalsuation and Supervision for Drilling Rigs and Workover Rigs

   Supervision of Drilling and Workover Rig

With the certificate of National Class A Equipment Supervision, Kete is capable of supervising the producing process of all types of drilling & workover equipment , mobiles rigs,artificial islands drilling rigsbelt /chain drive mechanical drilling rigs, advanced AC frequency conversion electric rigs, etc..

Comprehensive evalsuation of Drilling /Workover Rigs

Kete is a CNPC designated entity to carry out comprehensive evalsuation for drilling /workover rigs and a holder of over 10 scientific research achievements at  provincial, ministerial or bureau-levels. SEQS&II/Kete has been invited to  participate in international arbitration by Chinese Drilling Manufacturer, and succeeded in avoiding claims.

1)Overall Inspection for Drilling and Workover Rigs (API CAT Ⅲ、API CAT )

Inspection of drilling and workover rigs in-services

Factory Acceptance for newly- manufactured drilling/workover rigs

2)evalsuation for Bearing Capacity of Derricks

Numerical Simulation Analysis of derricks

Static analysis for derricks with cloud computing simulation analyzing software, carry out model analysis and defect analysis to calculate stress distribution, inherent frequency and the defects' influence on overall strength for derricks, providing basis for the actual measurements of derricks.

evalsuation of the bearing capacity of derricks

Capable of evalsuating the bearing capacity of derricks with load, collect stress and strain values of bearing structures and analysis as per the requirements stipulated in API spec4FSpecification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures, AISC Design Specifications of Steel Structure and calculate the maximum bearing capacity of derrick. This  calculation has been applied in the safety examination for substructure, crane boom for off-shore drilling platform, chimney stabilizing tower for refinery plant, BOP lifting frame, communication tower, etc.

Derrick Dynamic Comprehensive Assessment

Apply dynamic testing to measure the dynamic stress –strain and timely modal parameters, explain and analyze derrick real-time dynamic data, comprehensively evalsuate the relationship between static stress –strain, displacement, modal parameters and derrick bearing capability.

3)Top Driveand Draw-works Test and Inspection

Taking methods of pressure test, nondestructive inspection , wear measurement, temperature monitoring, performance check to examine top drives and winches, detect and diagnose real-time malfunctions in hydraulic, electric, lubrication and machinery systems and propose corresponding maintenance plans.

4)Mud Pump Fault Diagnosis

Applying highly sensitive vibration and temperature sensor group in data collection of hydraulic end's reciprocating motion and the power end's angular spinning part to detect malfunctions; Propose appropriate modification programs to avoid the influence on drilling process effectively.

2.Comprehensive evalsuation for Diesel Engine Performance

Diesel Engine Testing Bench

Take advantage of complete parameters, stable control, high precision and accurate calculation, the diesel engine testing bench is suitable to kinds of diesel engines; Furthermore, it can be used for performance test after maintenance, research on monitoring techniques, bench tests of energy-saving products, diesel engines evalsuation &  parameter research and energy-saving products R&D.

The Maximum Power Coefficient Test

Unload tests can be carried out at site, including to test the maximum power of diesel engines, the maximum tension and the bearing capacity of draw-works' wire rope and the hook, the maximum lift of hook. This technique took up the blank of field testing for diesel engines inChina, and has been widely applied to CNOOC's offshore platforms.

Central Monitoring for Operational Parameter s

Capable of centralized monitoring by means of collecting and transferring signals of diesel engines' fuel consumption, output, cylinders' temperature, torque, rotating speed, pressure, so that to centralized monitor the operational parameters of diesel engines.

The Multi-channel Wireless Power Monitoring on the Rotation axis.

Real-time monitoring the output of diesel engines, mud pumps, winches, rotary tables, electric motors and others. It can measure synchronously with multichannel, eliminate measuring errors from facility operations and the measuring results are accurate. There are two wireless transmission modes, far distance and near distance transmission. It can keep the operation track of equipment and build up energy-efficiency controlling center.

Diesel engine fault diagnosis testing technology

Based on the combustion quality testing technology, the following faults of diesel engine can be detected: knocking, imbalance, compression leakage, excessive fuel consumption, etc.; Based on the performance monitoring technology, various indexes of diesel engine can be evalsuated, including rated power, torque, efficiency, etc.;Based on dynamic testing technology, the following faults of diesel engine can be found: valve leakage, piston ring leakage, wear of cylinder sleeve and piston ring, wear of air inlet/ outlet, carbon deposition of air inlet/ outlet, wear of valve guide rod, etc.

3.Wireline Testing and Inspection

Based on magnetic leakage principle, detect the cracking, wearing, rusting and impression of the wirelines toensure safe production. Now, it is widely applied in Tarim Oil Field.

4.Petroleum Equipment Informational Management Based on Internet of Things

Independently developed the system of downhole high temperature-high pressure RFID embedded electric labels & packaging processing, and RFID electric special labels used by grounding devices, petroleum gauges and instruments. This is one complete informational management system based on internet things with the functions of ID intelligent identification, original data management, locating and tracking, on-line monitoring, inspection-maintenance supervision, serving process recording and secondary historical data processing etc., so that to achieve identification, standardization, intelligent management for downhole tools and surface devices.

5.Electrical Safety Test on Well Site

Certified by CNAS, National Safety Production Testing and Inspection Organization and CNOOC Safety Work Intermediary Organization, SEQS&II / Kete  is capable of carrying out electrical safety tests on well sites. Till now, thousands of electrical riskes had been found and disposed. Also, site electrical safety test has been listed in oil and gas field routing tests.

6.Verification and Inspection for Metrological Instruments and Thread Gauges

With the qualification of sample delivering inspection and site on-line inspection, SEQS&II/ Kete is capable of verifying, calibrating and maintaining kinds of metrological instruments, such as pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, ranging from 0.1 MPa to 300 MPa; Also, SEQS&II/ Kete can calibrate casing and tubing, drill pipe and cylinder thread work gauges through comparison with British & American standard work gauges.

7.Verification and Calibration for Safety Devices

To Verify, calibrate and maintain kinds of safety devices, such as air breathing apparatus, carbon monoxide detectors, sulfur dioxide detectors, oxygen meter (alarming devices), hydrogen sulfide gas detectors and flaming gas alerts.

8.Coiled Tubing Inspection

SEQS&II / Kete independently developed coiled tubing field inspection system, which can be used to detect cracking, wall thickness loss and ellipticity, which can be displayed in real-time images, dynamic 2D coloring contours, showing the defects' locations and size timely. Installed on work site, the system shall detect coiled tubing of different diameter and different wall thickness on line without any contact.

9.Inspection and Assessment for CNG Underground Gas Storage Well

Comprehensively taking the measures of remote eddy current inspecting instruements, magnetic detectors, underwater real-time imaging video, grounding drawworks and control displaying system, working with self-developed analyzing softwares, this inspecting and assessing system using for CNG underground gas storage well can display and image the ellipticity, corrosion and cracking timely, breaking through the limitations of similar inspecting devices which can measure wall thickness of gas storage well only.

It is one complete inspecting and assessing system for CNG underground gas storage wells, not only including CNG gas storage well risk assessment, residual strength evalsuation, but integrating the method of Cementing Quality evalsuation. To carry out inspection based on risk assessment and measure strength based on inspecting results, it broke through the traditional inspecting methods and evalsuated based on inspecting results, highly improving the pertinency of inspection and reliability of evalsuation, achieving the unity of economic and security. Through the scientific and technological achievements appraisal by SiChuan Provice, this technology has reached international advanced level.

11.Gas Sealing Test for Oil and Casing Tubing Thread

Taking the feature of small weight and easier leakage of nitrogen molecular, injecting high-pressure nitrogen into the internal upper and lower enclosed spaces of oil and casing tubing thread, so that to determine the sealing performance of packers.

12.Safety and Environmental Protection Surveillance

As the first subsidiary of PetroChina to carry out professional third-party safety surveillance, SEQS&II/ Kete has  built an excellent team who is capable of dealing with kinds of security issues under various complex drilling conditions, especially the‘Three-High’ (high pressure, high risks and high sulfides) drilling operations. Now, we are following the ‘4十4’management system with the base of site surveillance and the focus of remote monitoring, have built series of industry standards and operation instructions, developed safety warning system, accident analysis software and safety inspection remote monitoring system, making great contributions toSEQS&II / Kete petroleum exploration and development.

13.Safety Assessment 

Capable of assessment in Oil and Gas exploration and development, processing, chemical, chemical raw material and medicine production, gas production and providence, coking, civil construction and building, pipeline transporting, mechanical and electrical manufacturing, light industry, textile industry and tobacco industry. Capable of petroleum enterprise safety production assessment and training, including geological exploration, drilling, well testing & logging, downhole operations, ground gas collection, pipeline transportation and civil construction.

14. Environment Protection

Dedicating in research on environmental protection for petroleum and gas development & exploration, SEQS&II /Kete are equipped with devices for drilling sewage purification, skilled in instant solidification for completion waste and treatment for microbes. SEQS&II / Kete are able to monitor 168 kinds of parameters involved into 5 categories (air and waste gas, water and waste liquid, soil and solid waste, factory-boundary and environmental noise, H2S contents in natural gas). What’s more SEQS&II /Kete's environment emergency monitoring system provides strong technical support for out-breaking environmental pollution accidents.