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oil and gas field ground construction related services

1.Supervision of Oil and Gas Station's Equipment 

SEQS&II / Kete had completed supervision for Renaissance Oil & Gas Field South Yoloten Area Project in Turkmenistan—the largest of the kind in Asia, which took three years to build and involved more than 120 equipment manufacturers., Xiang Guosi Gas Storage Project of CNPC, Moxi Project of Southwest Oil and Gas Field.

2. Inspection and Integrity Analysis for Pipelines and Pressure Vessels

The combination of SEQS&II / Kete's characteristic technologies of RBI Integrity Analysis for Oil & Gas Fields and Integrity Analysis for oil and gas pipelines with non-excavational detection, low-frequency guided wave, TOFD, three-dimensional imaging and phased array inspection imaging, along with the method of risk analysis, anticorrosive coating and residual intensity assessment had enabled SEQS&II / Kete to develop appropriate schemes for pipeline operation security, and the scientific method is widely put to use in on-land and off-shore oil fields.

SEQS&II / Kete are qualified to inspect ClassⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲpressure vessels and FD1, FD2 safety valves. SEQS&II / Kete enjoys a long history to carry out pressure vessels periodical and annual inspection for CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and overseas clients, safety analysis for pressure vessels with flaws, safety valve calibration to effectively reduce safety risks.

3.Reciprocating type equipment comprehensive diagnosis technology

Vibration, pressure and other parameters of reciprocating type equipment can be collected through the reciprocating type equipment comprehensive diagnosis technology. Moreover, other process parameters can be used in combination for comprehensive data calculation and analysis, so as to evalsuate the operating state of compressor, diesel engine, mud pump and other oil field reciprocating type equipment, give corresponding guidance to timely and accurate troubleshooting of the equipment, and achieve the purpose of cost saving for the clients, maintenance guidance and accident reduction.

4.Pipe Valves, High-pressure Valves and Safety Valves Inspection

SEQS&II / Kete have valve inspection stations in Xinjiang, incorporating advanced technologies to conduct valve pressure test, material analysis, defect dynamic detection, acoustic emission dynamic assessment for equipment defects leakage detection and measurement for hardness.

5.Storage Tank Inspection and Piping Corrosion On-line Examination

Applied corrosion coupons, resistance probes, UT, full circumferential corrosion monitoring(FSM—IT)in analysis of piping corrosion examination or on-line examination, providing data base for system evalsuation of corrosion factors and method choice of anti-corrosion measures.

Based on RBI and piping corrosion examination, SEQS&II / Kete extended the technologies of acoustic emission inspection for oil tank bottom corrosion and magnetic flux leakage testing of oil tank bottom plate. To make maintenance schedules asthe inspecting & testing results may help to reduce loss caused by blind tank cleaning.

6.The Detection and Design for Lightning Protection Devices

Accredited by CNAS, SEQS&II / Kete are qualified to inspect lightning protection devices; SEQS&II / Kete had a record of repairing and rectifying thousands of such cases.

7.Safety Supervision of Ground Construction

SEQS&II / Kete may take into consideration the features of the construction for pre-drilling engineering, oil and gas stations, construction of long - distance oil & gas pipelines, industrial and civilian construction projects,  and conduct project supervision, inspection rounds and special inspection supervision. SEQS&II / Kete emphasizes on on-site resolution. SEQS&II / Kete played an important role in construction of long - distance oil & gas pipeline betweenChinaandMyanmar, the construction of pre-drilling engineering and oil and gas station.